Dreaming with a mirror

Dreaming with a mirror requires a lot of attention on our part, because it is a very emblematic kind of dream and can be a premonition of both good and bad things. When we have this kind of dream it can also mean a direct warning from the cosmos so that we can pay more attention to ourselves!

How many times have we given up our dreams and plans to take care of the family? How many times do we even give up our own health to take care of others? Think about it, reflect, meditate and see if this is not a possible conclusion as well.

Know many possible interpretations of dreaming with a mirror going deeper into the reading, however, before that we recommend that the reader try to relax and remember as many details as possible of the dream, in order to close an interpretation closer to reality.

Dreaming with mirror in general

In general, when we dream of a mirror, it means that we need to reflect urgently on a question of life. After all, often with our busy daily life, we don’t even have time to think about life, which is a big mistake.

Identify the most important issues in your life and note those that are pending for some reason. Once you have done that, do the exercise of trying to solve as soon as possible those that are within your reach.

With broken mirror

Different from what many people think (much to the old superstition of our ancestors) dreaming of a broken mirror is far from being a sign of bad luck, but an alert, a sight that needs to be taken seriously!

This dream appears in our lives as a precise alert for us to change old habits that make our life stagnant and without many options. In this case, try to identify how the mirror broke, because this can be a good start to understand what habit is being harmful in your life.

Dream of looking in the mirror

Dreaming in a mirror is an event that we must pay close attention to, as there are many possible interpretations! So, dreaming that you are looking in the mirror has two possible analyses, let’s go to them?

If you looked in the mirror and saw a different figure from your image and didn’t like what you saw, were afraid or even disgusted, then this means you should pay more attention to their negative aspects, they may be hindering your development. Don’t worry, we all have such negative aspects and they need to be worked on, identify them and improve yourself!

However, if you have looked in the mirror and liked what you saw, if you found it beautiful, shining like never before, then it is a sign that some positive aspect of your being is touched and should be explored. You can gain many advantages from this. Study this situation well!

Dream you see friend in mirror

That is why we must be very careful with the analysis of our dreams, because many obvious things simply are not and that is the case! When dreaming of a friend in the mirror we may have the false idea that we may be protected or even that we are about to experience good times, but that is not it.

In the world of dreams dreaming that you see a friend in the mirror means financial problems in sight, stay alert! If you have dreamed about it, avoid buying real estate or even making investments, because you may have losses.

Dreaming that breaks the mirror

This is a very good dream, because it holds a meaning similar to what the Gypsies believe in, that is, the possibility of breaking negative energies from the past (literally breaking with the old forces) and breaking new paths that will bring joy and prosperity.

Dreaming that someone is on the other side of the mirror

That is the typical dream of someone who is fighting over some personal issue, but cannot reach a resolution. Values that need to be overcome and are not, old ideas that need to be forgotten, platonic loves, etc.

Dreaming with a blurred mirror

When dreaming of the blurred mirror we must be very careful because it portrays our own mental confusion at the moment. Some issue we don’t know how to solve, some expectation that depends on our will, etc. The more the mirror is blurred, the greater our level of doubt will be.

Mirror breaking alone

This dream has many implications, beware! When we dream of a mirror breaking by itself it means that someone with importance in our life (wife, brother, father, boss, etc.) is not making a good judgment of our attitudes. Therefore, if you are a family member, nothing better than to sit down for a frank and honest conversation, where you can identify your mistakes and correct, however, if you are in the work environment, try to change habits as soon as possible, because they may be thinking about your resignation!

Keep calm, stay alert and take the necessary actions!

Final remarks

Dreaming with a mirror always causes a strange sensation, after all it is an object surrounded by beliefs and mysteries. Don’t be impressed if the interpretation is negative, just take the reins and start your own life!

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