Dreaming about marijuana

Most people when they dream they’re using some drug are already desperate about it. Dreaming about marijuana is an indication that you are trying to escape from your reality, because it is monotonous. Some other indications like some problems may also have a bearing on this fact.

A dream can be the same for two people, but the interpretation may vary according to the situation. It is recommended to pay close attention to what happens in the dream so that later the interpretation is more accurate. Today it will be possible to know everything that may mean to have had that kind of dream.

Dreaming with marijuana being consumed by you

The use of drugs is not always because the person wants to and often is just an escape from reality. The dream may indicate the same situation and only you can conclude if it is this or not. Try to analyze your situation and the answers can be found much more easily by you.

It is important to point out that a dream will have no relation with the curiosity of smoking marijuana. The relationship between the dream and reality will always have a lot to do with the fact that the unconscious is asking for help. All that remains for you to do is to fulfill this request and find out what it is really about.

Dreaming with marijuana being hidden by you

If you’ve dreamt of hiding your marijuana, it’s important to pay attention to its most guarded secrets. Sometimes keeping them that way can be a big complication to your life, it is important to learn how to change.

Try to talk to your parents, friends or girlfriend and share your most personal problems with them. Humanity is made up of good people and it is very important to learn to count on everyone around you.

Dream with a drug dealer

This kind of dream indicates that a lot of attention is needed, because you are letting negativity take over. Being positive is so much more interesting and in a short time you may have changed the environment.

Try to do activities that show others your ability to stand out, but be careful. Some people around you may be jealous of you, and it will be important to maintain humility.

Dreaming with marijuana being offered to you

Some people may influence you in a negative way and it will be essential to pay attention to the dream person. It is recommended that you try to interpret the invitations that this person is giving you. Before you judge him/her, it is important to learn to analyze whether he/she really is a bad influence or not.

Try to look at the situation in a different way, that is, don’t condemn it and learn to look at the other side. Often this person uses some vices just to get away from situations that are not going well. If you have the ability to understand their side, it will be much easier for them to change.

See or smell marijuana

You have a very great inner strength and you must learn to seize this opportunity in the right way. It is common to have no notion of your strength, but everything can change and the intention is for the best. Try to recognize your qualities and see yourself as someone who can do anything.

Over time you will see that it is possible to reap good results from what you did not believe in before. Before you put yourself down it is important to look away and see how much people respect you. There are situations where if you don’t put yourself first, the others won’t.

Feeling the effects of Marijuana

Dreaming about marijuana and feeling the effects is a clear sign that yours is going to move very quickly in the right direction. If you are working or driving it will mean a lot of happiness in all fields of your life.

Seek happiness in those things that are priceless, that is, everything that is not bought. Man associates happiness, but material goods cannot bring it and to be happy is a state of mind.

Dreaming with marijuana picking the plant

If you’ve dreamt of catching marijuana it’s a clear sign that you need more time on the field. Try to go to a place or even farm to enjoy everything the land has to offer you. The most important of all is to look for a place that is surrounded by people you care about.

Dreaming with marijuana is a bad omen?

No, in all the meanings shown here it was possible to see that these are only good things and nothing else. Because, dreaming of marijuana will always have an indication to warn you that something will happen. From that it is up to you, that is, try to plan for the situations and keep the faith in God.

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