Dreaming of a Tunnel

Before we leave for the interpretation of dreaming of a tunnel or any other dream, we should pay due attention to note whether it was some kind of warning or whether it is just the symbolic representation of some moment we are experiencing, important or not.

Therefore, as much as we are somehow impacted by the images that still have echoes in our minds, it takes a lot of standing on the ground not to make a wrong reading of what happened.

Dreaming of a tunnel keeps a series of peculiarities that must be well thought out before a final diagnosis, that is, the interpretation itself. Therefore, try to remember every detail of what you dreamed, if it is the case, do not be ashamed and write everything down on a paper for later analysis, with due calm.

Tunnel dream in general

The generic interpretation of this dream refers to the idea that we need to go through the different moments of our life and that we should look for some kind of shortcut so that this movement occurs more quickly.

In real life, a tunnel is built exactly for this purpose, that is, to shorten distances, facilitate journeys and demonstrate that we can overcome difficult obstacles with ingenuity.

Dreaming with tunnel, but not travelling in it

If you have dreamt of a tunnel but have not used it, it may mean that very soon you may receive a tempting proposal, which at first will change your life, but you need to be very careful, for this dream does not indicate that you will succeed, even if you have felt good in such a dream, since it may only be a false joy motivated by ego.

With very well lit tunnel

Dreaming of a road that cuts a hill or mountain very well lit means that changes are coming, but that we have courage, because everything will work out.

With dark tunnel

Many people who are about to close deals and who dream the day before that they are going through a dark tunnel, report that they have had losses in these transactions, or even unpleasant situations arising from them. Therefore, it is essential that the dreamer reviews all the forthcoming events that are involving possible deals that he will close soon.

If such a trade is very important and goes through very high sums of money, the ideal is that he postpones it a little to think it over, but if this is not possible for any reason, then at least review each step of this transaction, including the simplest ones, as gross errors can be found, avoiding future annoyances.

With a light at the end of the tunnel

This dream is very common and has a deep relationship with our own popular culture, where we represent the light at the end of the tunnel as a hope even if distant that some very important issue for us still has a possible solution.

And in the case of dreams this is exactly what it means, that even when walking through difficult paths, experiencing complicated problems, the wheel of life has not stopped yet and you still have a hope (opportunity) that everything will end well. Insist! Persist and have great faith in your heart.

You know, dreaming of a tunnel can mean a lot of things. Learn to interpret your dreams and see them as a warning and thus understand better what you are going through in your life.

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