Dreaming of home

Dreaming about home has very different meanings and will require the dreamer’s full attention in order to remember as many details as possible in order to make an assertive interpretation of the situation.

The house itself has a very interesting representation in various cultures around the world, i.e., that of a safe haven. Therefore, the house is our reference, our starting point for any objective we set in life.

Dreaming with home

Dreaming about home, therefore, will demand that we remember important details of the house we visualized, that is, if it was ours, if it was new, if it was big, the place where it was, etc. In short, any detail can be very important for the correct interpretation.

See the house where you lived?

In general when we dream of a house where we already live, it is a sign from our subconscious in the sense of expressing our desire to be closer to the family. Observe if you have been away from your relatives lately and consider scheduling more time for them. If the house is the same way you last saw it in reality, it may mean that a distant person will return making you very happy. But if the house is changed, it may be that it is you who will have to return where you came from.

The house is empty?

If in your dream the house was empty is a sign that you need to review your own personality, that is, intense and intimate questions: are you truly giving yourself to a relationship? Are you not treating a certain question with a lot of reserve? Are you not even being empty in your relationship with friends and co-workers? Anyway, it is good that you ask these questions and change what you think is necessary in your daily actions.

Did you think you’re in an unknown house?

If you happen to dream that you’re in an unknown house, pay attention to one detail: what was she like? Clean and pretty or dirty and ugly? Being beautiful you will have a lot of financial prosperity and you may even wish to buy a new property. If she is ugly it is good to consider the possibility of reforming your current property. She may be in some kind of trouble and you are not watching.

Have you ever dreamed of a house being renovated?

Here it doesn’t matter if she’s yours, a friend’s or even a stranger! In general it means that you should prepare your heart for a new person who will arrive in your life and will arouse a lot of interest!

Did you dream of a house being demolished?

This kind of dream demonstrates the intention of the cosmos to warn you that you need a new safe haven, new references and that the old lifestyle is dying. In this case you have to consider the end of your current relationship (especially marriages) and very radical changes, such as: job offers in other countries, making you leave the whole family behind, changes in the standard of living with the strong possibility of moving as a suitability, etc.

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