Dreaming of rain

Dreaming of rain can have several interpretations, in this article we will see some of the most common. Rain is also a very important factor for many aspects of society, as it is an indicator of soil fertility, regulates the level of drinking water in reservoirs, cleans the polluted air in large cities, etc.

However, its excess is also cause for concern, such as floods, drowning, flooding of fertile land, etc. In other words, it is necessary to carefully analyze the dream with this element so that the interpretation is consistent with reality.

Dreaming with rain

Dreaming of rain is not something very common, yet full of meanings that can help you to understand much in your life. Water is one of the four most important elements on the planet and in many cultures it means purity, renewal and cleansing of both soul and body and mind.

Rain as God’s grace

If you didn’t get wet and just saw or heard the noise of the rain falling under the ground during the dream, that is a sign that you will be protected by God’s renewing grace regarding any issue you may face. In other words, it is an excellent and powerful sign that will certainly help you if you happen to feel any demotivation.

The rain as a health alert

Dreaming of rain carries many positive aspects, however the strength and noise of rain are also determining factors so that we can interpret your dream correctly, because a very heavy rain, followed by lightning and thunder can indicate a powerful alert from the cosmos in order to prevent you from some important disease.

In other words, if you have this dream, do not be terrified, but look for a general practitioner and do a complete checkup, since you may discover some disease at an early stage and have the possibility of treating it more easily.

Did you dream that the rain was wetting you completely?

This is an excellent sign and indicates a renewal of strength, a spiritual cleansing so that you can achieve your goals.

The rain of your dream is only falling on your house?

If so, any family problems could happen in the next few days. Stay alert and try to listen more to the people who live with you to better understand possible disputes that may be happening. If the rain is falling on some empty ground and producing mud and a lot of dark colored water, it is good that you can be prepared for strange news that may bring difficult times. But of possible overcoming.

The sense of rain is also a very important aspect in this kind of dream, because we talk about aspect, strength, but the direction also needs to be analyzed. In this context, if the rain is falling too much diagonally, or even from the bottom upwards in an inverted way, this means that you should pay more attention to your friendships and that in a short time there may be a fight and you may be forced to distance yourself.

And if you happen to witness a flood in your dream, without getting wet or affected in any way, this is a sign that you will be happy and will resolve many past disputes.

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